Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weight Loss Issues

With the first New Year, New You, New Foot (or hand) coming to a close in two weeks, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update. We would like to congratulate Robert C. who is currently leading with an astounding 19% weight loss! All of the contestants have been losing weight and inspiring others through their efforts. We are proud to be a part of their journeys.

Losing weight as an amputee can result in prosthetic obstacles. As the pounds are shed, the residual limb becomes smaller, and socket fit can often become an issue. This can be particularly frustrating as the amputee struggles with a socket that is too large while trying to work-out and become more active.

Don't become discouraged if you experience socket issues in the midst of your weight loss endeavors. It is important to remember the ultimate goal is losing weight and becoming healthier. Socks can be donned and pads can be placed into the socket to augment the shrinking limb until the limb size stabilizes. If you are having problems wearing your prosthetic or it is not comfortable when you are exercising, please give us a call. We are here to help!

In addition to the need for new sockets, prosthetic components may need to be replaced if a large amount of weight is shed. Prosthetic components are designed to work within certain weight ranges. If the amputee's weight falls into a different weight category, the component may not respond as designed. If you have lost a large amount of weight (in excess of 30 pounds is a good guide) and you feel as if your prosthetic is not as responsive, you might require components from a lower weight category.

Although it can feel frustrating dealing with changes in both socket size and prosthetic components, the pay-off of losing weight and becoming healthier are worth the hassles. Amputees who are leaner have healthier residual limbs. They experience less skin breakdown and have fewer bone spurs. In addition to the health benefits, an amputee within the "normal" weight range has more options when it comes to choosing prosthetic components.

We are proud of the weight loss success of all of our patients participating in our New Year, New You, New Foot (or hand) competition. Losing weight and becoming healthier requires dedication, and we applaud you all. If you are experiencing prosthetic or socket issues as you shed pounds, please give us a call. We are here to help and we want you to reach your goals!

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  1. I'm glad you posted this because I am going thru this pain. Had my socket adjusted twice so far. And I just started working out. But I'll push thru it. And hope others don't give up because of the constant re-adjustments that they may need. It's gonna be worth ..I have lost 22 pounds as of Monday when I was in OPC