Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meet Libby

Being chosen to provide prosthetic care is a privilege. Everyday, we strive to provide the best care for our patients. Every person who comes through our doors has a story behind his limb loss and a list of goals. Our job is to build prosthetics to help them move forward and to achieve their dreams.

Libby is relatively new to the OPC patient family. She became an amputee in 2006 when her knee replacement surgery resulted in blood clots and complications. She was rendered an above knee amputee after an artery was nicked during a revision surgery.

In an effort to regain her mobility and to get out of her wheelchair, Libby embraced using prosthetics. She sought care at a facility that was recommended by her physical therapist.

Unfortunately, Libby's first experience with prosthetics was not favorable.

"After several meetings I finally had my first leg. Very intimidating. As I was currently doing physical therapy I was able to work with the physical therapists to learn how to walk first with a walker, then crutches and then a cane. With this leg I found that I was falling all of the time. When you step on the toe it triggered the knee to bend and I just couldn't get the hang of it without falling constantly."

Between the mechanics of her prosthetic knee and the uncomfortable socket, Libby found her spirit quickly deflating. She was frustrated both with her progress and with the constant setbacks she was experiencing.

"I made a lot of trips to my prosthetist but never could seem to get a good fit. It irritated my residual limb a lot. I found when I would lose some weight it wouldn't fit. I would slide around in the socket. I had the lanyard system and the leg wouldn't completely fall off but it was very uncomfortable. I was told last year, 2010, that there was nothing that could be done"

Unwilling to accept the prosthetist's warning that nothing could be improved, Libby refused to settle. Her friends and family urged her to seek care elsewhere. After a series of failed attempts by prosthetists to manufacture a device that was both functional and comfortable, Libby received a referral to OPC.

"I made an appointment with Elliot Weintrob and let me tell you....it was like night and day. Elliot took the time to talk to me and let me explain what I had gone through. He told me to take my prosthetic leg off so he could see what I had. He immediately said, "That is a train wreck."

After casting for a new socket and changing the suspension system, Libby's new C-Leg was ready within days. "I have not had any falls which is in itself awesome. I truly love my C-Leg. I have also learned so much from Elliot and Ben as they take the time to explain things to me that were never explained in the past."

Libby is slowly adapting to living with an amputation and is returning to activities that she enjoyed before her limb loss. She attributes her success, in part, to her prosthetic. She is becoming physically active and is determined to lose the pounds she gained during the five years of immobility that followed her amputation.

"Because of Elliot and Ben and the gang at OPC I have decided to take my life back. I started with a Personal Trainer and a diet to lose the weight I have gained since my amputation. Last week I started walking 3 times around my office building to get my stamina back. I feel truly blessed to have found OPC and I have to say I am happier than I have been in the past 5 yrs."

Libby has an infectious laugh and exudes positive energy. We are honored that she allowed the practitioners at OPC to provide prosthetic care. We are looking forward to watching her achieve her goals in the coming years.

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