Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Re-Flex VSP

We have been impressed with the results yielded by the contestants during our first "Biggest Loser" competition. Our patients have been working hard to shed pounds and to become more active. If an amputee is going to incorporate a high impact activity into a work-out routine on a regular basis, a specialized prosthetic may become necessary. This week we will explore two prosthetic feet that have been designed with the high impact amputee in mind.

Ossur's Re-Flex VSP foot is the sport champion in the flex foot family of products. This foot is
designed for individuals who require exceptional shock absorption and energy return. Whether running or jumping, this foot will deliver!

The superior shock absorption is the result of the pylon and side spring working in tandem. The impact is absorbed through the prosthesis utilizing a spring gap within the pylon. The specially designed pylon can vertically move up to one inch, absorbing the impact before it reaches the rest of the body. By having the prosthesis absorb the impact, the strain placed upon both the residual limb and the remaining joints is drastically reduced. A decrease in the impact stresses on the back, hip and sound side when this foot is worn have been documented.

Not only does the Re-Flex VSP absorb the impact, it provides a high level of energy return. The carbon fiber side spring compresses upon impact. When the foot is being unweighted, the spring restores to its original shape, creating a burst of energy for the wearer. Envision Tigger from Winnie the Pooh and you'll have an idea of how this spring helps maintain momentum!

This foot yields optimum results for individuals with an above knee amputation. The weight capacity (up to 365 pounds) makes this an ideal foot for both the high level athlete as well as those who are working towards a healthier lifestyle. This foot provides both the shock absorption and the energy return to make jumping and running a more comfortable experience for the wearer.

The Re-Flex VSP foot by Ossur is a great sport prosthesis. If you would like to explore prosthetic options, or have any questions about this foot, please give us a call!

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