Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweat Sweat Sweat

The rising temperatures have been a wonderful change after the long winter. Unfortunately, warm weather poses a unique problem for the amputee. We have found this to be a nearly universal issue among amputees, yet many remain shy about discussing the problem.

Whether exercising or simply because of the increased temperatures, sweat can pull up within the suspension liner. It is not unusual for the individual to have to remove the liner and pour out the excess sweat before continuing with an activity. If the sweat is not removed, both the suspension system and the health of the limb are compromised.

We recommend spraying the residual limb with antiperspirant spray. In our experience Certain-Dri and Secret Platinum have proven to be the most effective against combating the problem. For optimum protection, it is advised to thoroughly spray the limb with two complete applications. Allowing the spray to dry will increase the amount of protection against sweating within the liner.

When spraying the residual limb, it is important to spray the entire area that is covered by the liner and prosthetic. If one small spot is not covered the sweat will funnel through. It is also advantageous to allow the antiperspirant spray to thoroughly dry after each application before donning the liner.

When the entire body is sweating, below knee amputees are prone to having the sweat roll down the thigh and into the liner. In this case, the cause of the puddle within the liner is not from the limb but from the leg above the treated area. It may be helpful to place a fabric headband at the location where the top of the liner meets the thigh. The headband will absorb the perspiration and keep the liquid from pooling within the liner.

Have you found any remedies for avoiding a sweaty residual limb? We'd love to know what you do!

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  1. Does the spray work better than the solid? I use my solid Lady Speed Stick and it doesn't help on my residual limb. Works under my arms fine.