Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Truly Bionic Leg

The prosthetics being developed today bare little resemblance to those that were being fitted 10 years ago. Advances in computer technology, miniaturization and lightweight materials has made today's prosthetic an intelligent and responsive device. The dream of developing a prosthetic that truly replaces the limb appears to be within reach.

Ossur Prosthetics has just introduced the world's first completely bionic leg. This groundbreaking prosthetic merges the microprocessor technology of the Rheo knee with the functioning of the Proprio foot. For the first time, above knee amputees will be able to experience both movement of both lost joints.

Utilizing artificial intelligence to provide real-life reaction within the knee and the ankle, this fully integrated leg provides the amputee with increased realism when walking. In essence, the computers "think" through each step, allowing the amputee to simply walk. Walking with this integrated prosthetic leg provides the most realistic experience to date for the above knee amputee!

The combination of the ankle and knee joints into a single prosthetic leg will help to eliminate the strain the above knee amputee places upon their sound side limb. Trials have demonstrated that wearers of this device have a more normalized gait pattern and weight distribution.

The combined Rheo/Proprio prosthetic is slated for release towards the end of this year. We are excited about this emerging technology and will stay abreast of all developments. We will keep you posted through this blog as this device becomes commercially available and ready to be fitted. Rest assured, when this prosthetic is released OPC will be trained and ready!

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  1. I totally want this!!! Elliot can get if for me for Christmas!!