Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ben-- Breaking Down Barriers

The practitioners at OPC pride themselves on the priority that they place on staying abreast of new technology. With the increase in the number of amputees, more emphasis has been placed on research and development than any other time in history. Today's amputee is reaping the benefits of this research through improvements to socket design as well as the development of new prosthetic components.

OPC is a cutting edge facility. Their reputation for trying new technology and for the practitioners' willingness to constantly learn is well established within the field. The devices manufactured at OPC has been setting the standard for innovative and high tech prosthetic care not only in this geographic region, but also throughout the country.

Ben, a prosthetist at OPC, is set to make prosthetic history in the Washington DC area. In the coming days he will be fitting the first patient through the DC Veterans Administration with the Helix3D Hip Joint System.

The Helix3D Hip Joint System, by Otto Bock, is designed for individuals with a hip disarticulation (amputation of the leg at the hip joint) as well as those with a hemipelvectomy (amputation of the entire leg and part of the pelvis). This revolutionary hip joint system provides the patient with increased stability and safety while allowing for a wide range of activities.

The system produces a 3-dimensional hip movement that promotes a more natural gait pattern and symmetry through the compensation for diminished pelvic rotation. Wearers of the Helix system report higher energy return and higher levels of functioning. From walking to sitting, the amputee is safer, more functional and more comfortable.

The hip joint is designed to be paired with the C-Leg. This combination provides the ability for the individual to walk with an equal stride length, reducing the strain on the sound side limb. If you would like to learn more about this innovative new system, click here.

Join us in wishing Ben success with this groundbreaking fitting. The Helix3D Hip Joint System is set to change the way prosthetics are viewed for individuals with hip disarticulations and hemipelvectomy. As always, we are committed to bringing these innovations to our patients.

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  1. Way to go BEN!!!!!!! You are awsome!