Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PowerFoot Launch

Throughout history there has never been a better time to be an amputee. Developments in the field of prosthetics are enabling amputees to return to active lifestyles, unhindered by their limb loss. Prosthetic limbs are increasingly providing more life-like functions, minimizing the limitations felt by the amputee.

The PowerFoot by iWalk is one of the most anticipated prosthetic advancements in recent years. This is the first prosthesis that is designed to replace muscle function. Instead of positioning the foot when it is unloaded, the PowerFoot technology works to power the amputee as he or she walks.

By replacing the forces lost by the absence of muscle tissue, the PowerFoot enables the amputee to normalize the gait pattern. With training, the amputee's weight is equally distributed through the prosthesis, conserving the sound side. Users of this technology report increased energy and confidence as well as a sense of safety compared to their standard prosthesis. Some wearers report feeling no difference in functioning between their new prosthesis and their sound side foot.

In preparation for its market debut, PowerFoot has just been officially unveiled through the iWalk website. This state of the art prosthesis is currently available for select military personnel and has been receiving rave reviews. The device will be commercially available in the coming months. If you're interested in the PowerFoot, be sure to bring it up at your next visit!

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