Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Over many years, unequal weight distribution causes wear and tear on the body. Being cognizant of your stance and vigilant about putting full weight through the socket can help, but sometimes more awareness is necessary. It is not unusual for the "good side" to become the prosthetic side after a lifetime of extra duty takes the toll on the non-prosthetic side of the body.

In addition to arthritis and ligament issues, bone strength is also negatively impacted by limb loss. In fact, 100% of all lower extremity amputees experience reductions in bone density after two years. An astounding 80% of all amputees had at least a 28% reduction in their bone density. Just for comparison, a 28% loss brings a diagnosis of osteoporosis.

It is recommended that a routine bone density screening should be included in the yearly physical for all lower extremity amputees. Bone loss can be halted and, if caught early enough, can even be reversed. Know the risks, become educated and talk with your doctor.

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