Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Call to Action

Please take the time to read this letter and to call your Congressional representatives. It concerns prosthetic care for Veterans. Thank you!

Injured and Amputee Veterans Bill of Rights, H.R. 5428

Earlier today, NAAOP learned that Congressman Filner (D-CA), Chairman
of the House VA Committee, combined NAAOP's bill, H.R. 5428, into
another bill for which he also serves as chief sponsor, the Women
Veterans Bill of Rights (H.R. 5953). He made no amendments to the
bill language but included the entire bill as introduced. He then
placed the bill on the House "suspension calendar." This means that
if two thirds or more of the House does not object, it passes. If
this occurs, a similar procedure would be necessary in the U.S.

This afternoon, as the bill was scheduled to come to the floor and
the ranking Republican on the committee, Congressman Buyer (R-IA),
strongly objected to the process, Chairman Filner pulled the bill
from consideration and said he intends to put the bill up for a vote

We, therefore, have tonight and tomorrow morning to get as many calls
into House Republicans to urge them to vote FOR H.R. 5953 (which
contains our bill-H.R. 5428).

Contact your Congressman today or tomorrow morning by calling the
U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 225-3121.

Tell your Congressman to:

o PASS H.R. 5953, the Women Veterans Bill of Rights, which includes
H.R. 5428, the Injured and Amputee Veterans Bill of Rights.

o The bill will help injured and amputee veterans get the prosthetic
and orthotic care they need to be healthy, functional, independent
and employed.

o The bill will make access to high quality prosthetic and orthotic
care more consistent throughout the country.

o The bill does not cost a dime and simply informs veterans of their
rights so they can be empowered to get the care they need.

o The bill is widely supported by Veteran Service Organizations as
well as over 35 national disability organizations.

o VOTE FOR H.R. 5953, which contains the Injured and Amputee Veterans
Bill of Rights.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request!

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