Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Few Helpful Sites

The Internet offers an abundance of information for the amputee and their families. Unfortunately it is also riddled with pitfalls in the form of unsavory individuals looking to exploit and to manipulate. Although amputee support sites are plentiful, it is difficult to find a safe place to communicate freely, to receive and offer support and to exchange information without the intrusion of devotees.

If you want to reach out to others with limb loss, has become a powerful resource. You have to register and complete a questionnaire in order to receive access to the site. This process can take several hours to as long as a day or two, depending upon the workload of the administrators. The site has a variety of safeguards to protect its members from unwanted intruders.

Feel free to visit and join the OPC site on Facebook. The ACA webpage also provides links to valuable information. (And a personal plug,, is this blogger's website that offers an interactive forum, a daily blog and also has a Facebook Fan Page.) If you have found a great Internet resource, please let us know!

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