Monday, October 11, 2010


At OPC this week a young patient's life will be transformed. Prosthetic technology is expanding at a furious pace. Rest assured that the staff at OPC is on top of new developments! This week, Ben (a prosthetist at OPC) is getting ready to fit a partial finger amputee with a revolutionary new product- the X-Finger.

The X-Finger is a fully articulated prosthetic finger. These custom made devices are self-contained and allow for full flexion and extension of the fingers. In layman's terms, the finger mimics natural movement at the knuckle joints. With time the wearer learns to bend and extend the prosthetic fingers to complete a variety of tasks, including typing!

Best wishes as the new X-Fingers are fitted! Stay tuned for updates and more patient success stories.


  1. This is an exciting new product. It has the potential to offer a great deal of added function to what has really been an underappreciated group of people with amputations. Partial hand/finger amputees have in the past either not used a prosthesis at all, or only used a passive, cosmetic replacement. We'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes!!