Friday, October 22, 2010

Hands On Approach

Having a prosthetist who happens to be a former Olympian definitely has its benefits. Elliot and the staff at OPC understand the importance that sports can play in an individual's life whether the aspiration is recreational or professional.

The staff at OPC goes above and beyond simply creating prosthetics. On any given day, barring heavy snow or rain, chances are you'll see either Ben or Elliot outside with a patient. Helping amputees learning to run or to ride a bike is nothing unusual in the parking lot at OPC.

Patient care goes beyond manufacturing devices, many times it involves hands on instruction and support. This holistic approach towards the amputee is yet another reason that OPC is unique. This video aired on CNBC and features OPC patient Patrick Gaffney receiving instruction and support from Elliot as he returns to jogging after his above knee amputation.

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