Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Elliot, along with a specially selected patient, has accepted an invitation to try the new PowerFoot by IWalk. In the coming days the pair will travel to Boston to meet with company representatives and to "test walk" this exciting new technology.

The PowerFoot by IWalk is the world's only powered prosthetic foot. It is coming to market soon, but is not yet available. The PowerFoot has been compared to the Proprio Foot by Ossur, but there are some important distinctions.

Ossur's Proprio foot is a microprocessor foot. The ankle moves into plantar flexion and dorsal flexion when the foot is in swing phase. In order words, the ankle automatically picks up the toe whenever the foot is being swung forward. The ankle automatically adjusts to the correct angle when the wearer is going up and down ramps and inclines. It is important to consider that the ankle joint on the Proprio foot moves only when it is completely unloaded.

Unlike the Proprio Foot, the PowerFoot by IWalk helps to propel the wearer forward, especially up stairs and ramps. This ankle system provides the dorsal and plantar flexion in swing phase, but unlike the Proprio it can move when fully loaded. The foot provides a burst of energy to help the user maintain forward momentum and ambulate up and down stairs and inclines while minimizing fatigue.

Information on the PowerFoot is minimal because it is not yet on the market. Thankfully we know Elliot who has been given the rare opportunity to see this new technology first hand. Stay tuned for more information!

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