Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Echelon Foot

The Proprio Foot is not the only prosthetic ankle that features plantar and dorsi flexion. The Echelon Foot, by Endolite also lifts the toe during swing phase. The foot is designed for the active amputee but is able to withstand the impact from occasional recreational activity.

The Echelon Foot utilizes a self-contained hydraulic system to move the ankle. A series of springs works to lift the toe during swing phase, affording increased safety and a more natural gait.

The self-alignment feature of the ankle allows the wearer to walk up and down ramps and inclines without adjusting their gait. The toe and heel are independent components allowing for increased stability while walking on various surfaces.

Since there is no need for a battery pack the wearer never has to worry about the ankle losing its charge or not working because of low power. The ankle can be cosmetically covered without affecting function.

Click here to learn more about the Echelon Foot by Endolite. The practitioners at OPC have had over 20 successful Echelon fittings. If you think that this ankle might be for you, talk with your prosthetist.

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