Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Re-Flex Rotate

As the weather warms, thoughts start to turn towards outdoor activities, but many activities that monopolize springtime require twisting. Golf, baseball and even working in the yard require some degree of rotation from the ankle in order to achieve optimum performance. Unfortunately, most prosthetics do not provide the ability to rotate so the movement takes place within the socket or from the knee and hip joint. All of those movements can lead to pain and injury.

Several prosthetic manufacturers have cued into the need for rotation. In today's and Thursday's blog we will explore two different prosthetics that have been developed to provide for rotation.

The Re-Flex Rotate by Ossur is a high performance prosthetic foot that provides both vertical and rotational shock absorption. This component provides high energy return while absorbing many of the pressures placed upon the residual limb. This foot can be fit for a below-knee and above-knee amputee (depending upon the knee system being utilized).

The rotational shock absorption is ideal for individuals who frequently move side to side or twist during activities. Since the Re-Flex Rotate provides some rotation, the strain is lessened on the remaining joints and within the socket. Wearers of this foot appreciate the titanium coil that is incorporated into the design as the coil absorbs much of the vertical impact (from walking, stomping etc) so that the body does not have to compensate.

The Re-Flex Rotate is a good prosthetic foot designed for moderate to high impact users. Although the prosthetic has been redesigned, OPC is experienced fitting working with this foot. If you frequently participate in activities that require twisting, or if you think that you could benefit from this prosthetic, give us a call.

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