Thursday, April 21, 2011

Endolite Elite VT

If you are looking for a foot that you can wear walking in the office, playing a friendly game of tennis and going for a leisurely jog with your dog, the Endolite EliteVT might be for you. This foot allows the "weekend warrior" the ability to participate in their activities without constantly changing prosthetics. This foot was designed to go from work to the gym!

The Endolite Elite VT is a moderate to high impact activity foot. The shock absorption provided through the spring mechanism minimizes the sheer forces felt on the residual limb during high impact activities. The foot is responsive to the movements and needs of the wearer.

The heel and toe are isolated mechanisms, allowing each to respond to the individual forces. When the heel compresses, the toe remains unaffected until the pressures are transferred during ambulation. This provides for a more normal gait pattern while eliminating the strains placed upon the sound side.

Although designed for high impact energy absorption, the Elite VT provides for some degree of rotation through the coil mechanism. The coil provides a slight give that will accommodate for lateral movements. This foot was not designed to provide the amount of rotation as the Re-Flex Rotate, but it will accommodate for rotation that occurs during many activities.

Watch a video highlighting the features of this foot by clicking here.
The Endolite Elite VT is one of many prosthetic options. Whatever your goals, OPC can design a prosthesis. If you bring the desire, we will find a way to help you succeed!

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