Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Proprio Day!

Are you a below knee amputee? Have you been intrigued or curious about bionic prosthetics? If you answered yes, mark your calendars for May 19.

We are proud to sponsor "Proprio Day" at OPC. We invite all area amputees who are interested in learning about bionic technology and how it might work to improve their lives to make an appointment for a hands-on experience. We will have the Proprio foot available for interested amputees to take a "test walk" around the office and parking lot.

Despite our best efforts through this blog to fully explain what bionic technology can do for the amputee, we realize that we are limited to words. In order to fully grasp the scope of this technology, the individual needs to experience it first hand. We are thrilled to be able to provide this unique opportunity to the amputees of Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC.

We have cleared our calendar for Thursday, May 19, to provide amputees the opportunity to try the Proprio foot. During the trial fitting our prosthetists will be able to answer your questions about the appropriateness of this technology, and, perhaps more important than talking about the device, it will be fitted onto your existing socket so that you can walk and experience the computer technology. Please call our office to schedule your Proprio trial.

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