Friday, December 9, 2011

Playing Hard!

Elliot is a former Olympic athlete. Ben is an acclaimed steeple chase runner. How do they blow off steam when they get together? They go racing!

Yesterday, the staff at OPC got together for a friendly go-cart race. The competition was high as they suited up and sat behind the wheel. It was revealed that there was a ringer in the group. Jeff, a prosthetic technician, is also an amateur race car driver who travels the mid-Atlantic circuit racing his souped=up Volvo. The fact that he came to the track with his own helmet was an indication that this was not his first time behind the competitive wheel!

Wheels started screeching when the flag dropped. Jeff, Elliot, and Philip (OPC IT consultant) immediately took control of the race. They zoomed around the winding track, touching wheels and exchanging positions throughout the race. Wanza held her own as she bumped and volleyed her way to the leaders. This blogger stayed tucked behind Liz's wheel. I can attest that she was sliding all over the track and took more than a few bumps into the barriers!

The race resulted in a photo finish. Philip was the winner, with Jeff and Elliot coming in as second and third. Ben finished a close fourth, staying on the lead lap. Wanza, Liz, myself, and JonI finished out the field.

Everyday the staff at OPC demonstrates that they work hard. Yesterday they proved that they play with just as much gusto.

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