Monday, December 19, 2011

Cover Shot!

As you walk into our fabrication room, you might notice the pile of component catalogs stacked on the corner desk. Unlike some facilities, our practitioners create custom devices utilizing components from a variety of manufacturers. Because we are an independent facility that is not managed by a corporation, we are only beholden to our patients. We will utilize the components that are most appropriate for our patient regardless of the manufacturer.

Among those catalogs, one is particularly special to the OPC family this year. A photograph of our patient--and Social Media Director--and her son has been selected to grace the cover for the 2012 Ossur prosthetic catalog. We are delighted that our socket design is prominently featured in the photograph!

Peggy became a patient after her amputation in 2003. Elliot, recognizing that she was limiting herself because of her own preconceived notions, pushed her to explore prosthetic technology. He introduced her to a bionic ankle, an event that changed her life.

Prosthetic components only change lives when they are fit on the appropriate patient. The practitioners at OPC make an effort to stay current with the latest technology. Continuing education is not just a professional requirement to maintain board certification, it is an expectation for those working at OPC. Because Elliot learned about the bionic Proprio ankle, he was able to fit Peggy before it was considered a mainstream device.

OPC is proud to provide individualized and state of the art devices for our patients. Our priority is pleasing the patient, not corporate managers. Congratulations Peggy on your cover shot!

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