Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vari-Flex foot

The Vari-Flex foot, by Ossur, is one of the most popular prosthetic feet on the market. This carbon fiber foot is designated for K-3 amputees although patients across the board have experienced benefits.

The Vari-Flex foot is part of the Flex foot family of products which were the first carbon fiber feet to be brought to the commercial prosthetic market. The introduction of this lightweight, strong and responsive material has revolutionized the field of prosthetic components.

Similar to the Javelin foot, the Vari-Flex foot features a split-toe design. This design allows for an increased ability to adjust to variations in terrain. The variability of movement provides increased stability and a more responsive experience for the wearer.

The carbon fiber extends through the foot shell to mimic the size of the sound foot. This extension allows for a more natural roll-over when walking. The extra length also increases stability and enhances the sense of balance for the amputee.

The Vari-Flex has recently been enhanced through the pairing with a foot shell featuring EVO. An EVO foot shell has a slightly curved bottom which assists the amputee through a slight rocking of the foot while walking. Instead of walking on a flat surface, the slightly curved foot makes rolling over the toes easier and creates a relaxed gait. The EVO technology is especially appreciated when the amputee is walking barefoot.

The Vari-Flex foot is one of the most popular feet on the prosthetic market. According to Elliot, "There is nothing wrong with that foot. It does everything well. It doesn't break down, it's super reliable, lightweight and durable. It's just a really good foot."

If you are interested in discussing a Vari-Flex foot, or if you want to explore other prosthetic options, give us a call. We offer complimentary Skype consultations for your convenience. At OPC, we have successfully fitted hundreds of Vari-Flex feet on our patients. Let's see what we can do for you!

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