Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Javelin Foot, by Endolite

Researching prosthetic components can be a daunting task. With the variety of features available, it is not uncommon for the amputee to become confused by the myriad of choices available. Using this blog to provide specific information, we are attempting to demystify prosthetic components.

The Javelin, by Endolite, is a K-3 foot designed for everyday wear. The absence of computerized components and moving parts makes this the ideal foot for all-terrain activities. Whether you are strolling in the woods, jumping in puddles or walking around the office, this foot can handle the environment.

The Javelin features a full split-toe design, increasing both prosthetic stability and the responsiveness of the device. The independent toe/ heel design of this foot provides the wearer with accurate feedback. The design also contributes to a more natural and responsive gait.

Engineered for ankle responsiveness, the Javelin simulates some ankle responses. Although this device does not provide the fluid ankle motions of the Echelon, it does respond when pressure is under the foot. The foot/ ankle responds according to the amount and location of the pressure that is perceived. The slight "give" provided through the design enables the amputee to walk with more natural ankle movements.

The Javelin is easy to cover cosmetically and has a 36 month warranty. The foot is approved for amputees weighing between 100 and 365 pounds. A low-profile design is available for those with a long residual limb.

On Thursday we will be exploring a similar prosthetic foot, the Vari-Flex by Ossur. Regardless of your prosthetic needs, be assured that the practitioners at OPC are qualified and experienced to work with all major components. We are ready to help you achieve your goals.

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