Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why OPC?

In many ways, the relationship that is forged between the amputee and his or her prosthetist is paramount to the patient's success. The amputee must learn to trust not only their new prosthesis, but the prosthetist who is responsible for manufacturing and maintaining the device. At OPC we realize that trust is an attribute which must be earned. We have been earning our patient's trust and rebuilding their lives since 1980.

OPC is a family run business based in Northern Virginia. Our patient base is not ruled by geography but has been established through years of being leaders in the field of prosthetic care. We are proud to tout patients from all over the world and throughout the United States.

We realize that amputees have a lot of choices when choosing their prosthetic facility. Most insurance plans do not bind their patients to a facility within a designated geographic region. We are proud that many of our patients travel from all corners of the country to see our prosthetists. Their reasons are simple: we provide quality prosthetics that are individually crafted to help our patients reach their goals.

Our prosthetic and orthotic work is done within our facility which allows us to maintain our strict quality controls. We are equipped to make adjustments in-house, eliminating the amount of time our patients are without their devices. We realize the importance of time to our patients and make every attempt make repairs and adjusts the same day.

When asked about the important aspects of their job, our prosthetists all provided the same response. At OPC, listening to our patients is one of our most important jobs. We listen not only to their dreams and goals, but also to their issues with their prosthetic. We realize that it is difficult for the new amputee to explain the sensations that they are perceiving through their device. Our experience helps us to understand what they are trying to explain and many times we find that we are able to finish their explanation for them.

Because many of our patients travel vast distances to visit our facility, we are equipped and ready to devise and create quality prosthetic solutions efficiently. We realize the value of our patients time and take every measure to ensure that they achieve success as quickly as possible. Quality, however, is never compromised to achieve speed.

We are not bound to corporate constraints when creating prosthetics or orthotics for our patients. We have access to components from major manufacturers around the world. We specialize in creating personalized prosthetics that are as unique as our patients.

OPC accepts most major insurance plans. Our talented billing staff is here to help you navigate through the paperwork quagmire. Experience dealing with out of state insurance plans helps to expedite the reimbursement process.

Travel distance can be an issue and we want to make learning about our facility as easy as possible. Skype consultations are available so that you can meet our prosthetists and discuss your goals.

Regardless of your prosthetic needs, we are here to help. We welcome the opportunity to serve not only amputees within the Northern Virginia area, but amputees from around the country. Call us and learn how OPC can help to provide you with the prosthetic tools you need to transform your life.

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  1. Why OPC you ask??? Because they CARE. The do everything they can to make sure your prosthetic fits and you are pain free. I truely don't mind driving further to have people who truely care about their patients. I am so happy I made the change.