Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rheo Knee

The Rheo knee, by Ossur, has been a successful prosthetic for scores of above knee amputees because of its unique features.

Like other microprocessor knees, the Rheo knee has the ability to evaluate the terrain and to make necessary adjustments to promote stability and safety. The quick processing speed afforded by the computer technology minimizes the amount of mental effort that must be exerted by the amputee. The knee adjusts to variations in walking speed. Wearers of the Rheo knee tout increased confidence and stability as attributes of the knee.

The Rheo knee is the only microprocessor knee to utilize artificial intelligence (AI). The device is constantly learning and making minute adjustments to promote a more natural gait. Whereas other knees on the market have set parameters for adjustments, the Ossur knee continues to refine its movements throughout the lifetime of use. The longer the knee is used, the more smooth and natural the knee movement becomes.

Another unique attribute of the Rheo knee is the ability of the wearer to maneuver in tight areas. Numerous activities, ranging from getting files in an office to fixing dinner in the kitchen, require that the amputee move only a few steps. The Rheo knee adapts to these situations- flexing and allowing the amputee to walk in a normal fashion where other knees become rigid and stiff.

Many amputees appreciate the flexibility in foot selection that the Rheo knee affords them. The knee can be paired with a variety of feet, increasing the personalization of the prostheses to the individual's needs.

The practitioners at OPC are experienced fitting patients with the Rheo knee. If you think that this technology might be for you, or if you have any questions, give us a call.

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