Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ProDigits Solution

OPC would like to congratulate Touch Bionics for being awarded the 2010 Best of What's New Award from Popular Science magazine for their ProDigits solution. The award is bestowed on 100 products that have made the greatest impact in their designated category.

ProDigits is a remarkable prosthetic device for amputees with finger amputation(s). The prosthetic fingers are powered and controlled individually which enables the amputee to isolate finger motions. With training, patients have regained the ability to complete many of the tasks which before seemed nearly impossible, including typing and playing the piano. The individually powered and fully articulated digits reflect the movements and motions of the human hand that were not thought possible before this technology.

The ProDigits are the first to provide myoelectric control features. Myoelectric control utilizes advanced software to interpret the electrical signals released from the remaining limb. The software has a "learning" feature," enabling the output to evolve and to become personalized for each user.

Miniscule electrodes are fitted within the socket in strategic locations. As the individual attempts to move the amputated finger, the electrode detects the signal emmited by the limb. The software interprets the signal and moves the prostheses accordingly. The control of the prosthesis becomes natural for the amputee.

Because each ProDigit contains its own control and power supplies, the clinicians are able to make refined adjustments to receive optimum results using Bluetooth technology. The patient has a limited ability to make changes it grasp strength etc.. ProDigits is is a powered device and must be charged regularly.

The inclusion of myoelectric technology, which has never before been available in this form, makes the ProDigits Solution truly revolutionary. Individuals may benefit from this prosthetic innovation regardless of the number of fingers that have been amputated. Although each case should be evaluated individually, it is recommended that the finger amputation be at the transmetacarpal (just below the knuckle) level.

If you are an upper extremity amputee, this device might help restore more function to your everyday activities. The clinicians at OPC have experience fitting devices from Touch Bionics which have yielded amazing results. If you have questions about ProDigits Solution and feel that you might benefit, give us a call.

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