Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year!

As 2010 closes out, most of us find ourselves making resolutions for the New Year. Whether you want to change jobs, lose weight, quit smoking or find a mate, the changing of the calendar is an opportune time for self-improvement and for reflection.

Last year approximately 45% of women and 32% of men resolved to lose weight and increase their physical fitness. Of those, studies show that 80% had failed and abandoned their resolution by Valentine's Day. The best chance to lose weight and to keep the pounds off is when a strong support system is in place. OPC has resolved to help amputees in the Maryland and Northern Virginia area keep their weight loss resolutions!

Did you know that prosthetic components are classified according to activity level and weight limitations? Prosthetic choices are drastically impacted by the weight of the patient. Those with a higher weight are afforded fewer options and are not eligible for bionic devices.

Consider this: currently there are approximately 150 versions of feet on the market. Weighing more than 220 pounds eliminates 50% of the feet, leaving the amputee with 75 options. For the amputee weighing more than 275 pounds, the individual is left with only 36 feet from which to choose. When the amputee weighs over 300 pounds, their prosthetic choices have been limited to approximately 10 custom made, high impact feet.

If limited prosthetic choice is not enough motivation to shed the pounds, consider the strain that is being placed upon the residual limb. Socket fit and comfort are compromised by obesity. Sores and bone spurs are common occurrences for the overweight amputee.

OPC is committed to fostering healthy lifestyles for our patients. In the coming weeks we will be launching a program to help amputees in the area become more physically active and to achieve a healthy weight. In future blogs we will be exploring additional limitations and obstacles that the overweight amputee faces.

We are excited about our ground breaking program so stay tuned for more information! Together, we can all be healthier in 2011.

We hope that everybody has a happy and safe New Years celebration.

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