Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Click-to-Fit Adjustable Socket

At OPC, we pride ourselves on providing the best prosthetic care for our patients. We are committed to supplying contemporary prosthetic and orthotic care with old-fashioned service and quality. Prosthetics are unique to the individual, with each person possessing his own set of issues, goals and needs. We carefully evaluate and and help our patients formulate a prosthetic care plan that will help them reach their personal best.

Numerous advances in the field have recently benefited our patients. The most noticeable advancement lies with bionic devices. Powered and moving components have revolutionized prosthetic care and have helped to transform lives. However, bionic devices are only part of the story.

Until now, the most common way to adjust for volume fluctuation was with the adding and subtracting of socks.  Any experienced prosthetic wearer will attest that socket fit and comfort are paramount, and having to constantly adjust socks becomes an issue of inconvenience, quality of life and in extreme cases, safety. We have long recognized that an adjustable socket would benefit our patients, and we have been working diligently towards this goal.

We are delighted to introduce an advancement to socket design that we are confident will help many of our patients, especially those with volume fluctuation issues. OPC is proud to introduce the Click to Fit Socket, featuring the Boa system.

Utilizing the Boa system, the wearer is able to adjust for volume fluctuations by dialing in their own comfort without the donning and doffing of socks. The socket can accommodate up to 12 ply and can be adjusted quickly- without removing the device. The socket features a flexible inner liner, which allows us to maintain suspension, and a carbon fiber shell which has been cut into a series of panels. The Boa cords are thread through the outer socket wall and panels. The panels and the Boa system work together to allow the socket to adjust to the limb, rather than trying to get the limb to fit into the fixed socket.

If the socket feels too big, instead of putting on a 3 ply sock, the wearer needs only to turn the dial a few clicks to achieve optimum comfort. Too snug?  No problem! Simply pull the dial to release some slack within the panels, making the socket bigger.  Integrating the Boa system, long renown for its strength and reliability by athletes, into a paneled socket provides amputees with a safe, easy and convenient means to adjust for volume changes.

If socks have you in bunches and you have been seeking a better way, give us a call. We put the ability to adjust at your fingertips with the Fit to Click socket. 


  1. Looks nice, But I have a question will it fit any stump after and amputation.. You see I,m a double amputee.. at the hip left side and at the knee right .. And since seven years I,ve had problems finding protheses to fit .. And I,m tired of just sitting in my wheel chair ..I want to move on my legs ..

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  3. How much does this device goes for? Please respond to

  4. My prosthetist created this devise and I have been using it and it is AMAZING! It is so convenient to use. When i wasn't using this boa system i had to carry 3 to 5 socks in my pocket because my leg would fluctuate in size so much, and i hated having to take socks everywhere. Often times I would forget to bring them with me and my leg wouldn't fit for the rest of the day! With this socket I no longer have this problem. This new boa socket is amazing!

  5. What is,the type of boa dial used and size? Model name?