Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Because Time Matters

In this age of outsourcing, OPC proudly manufactures all of our prosthetic devices on premises. From casting and measuring the residual limb to molding and configuring the components for the final product, the prosthetic device never needs to leave our facility. The ability to manufacturer our own prosthetic devices ensures that we always produce a high quality product in a timely fashion.

Sending measurements and molds to an off-site manufacturing facility is a trend in the field of prosthetics. Assuming that shipping schedules are adhered, this adds a minimum of one week to the wait time before a device is delivered to the patient. When a patient is waiting for a prosthetic device, OPC realizes that days matter!

Because we handcraft our devices, we are able to deliver prosthetics quickly to our patients. Many times we are able to go from a test socket to a permanent prosthetic within one day. Our patients depend upon their prosthetics in every aspect of their lives, and because of this, we strive to keep their wait time to a minimum.

Our patients are more than molds and measurements. In our office people are not defined by the level of limb loss. As we craft their prosthetics, we never forget the needs of the person who will be wearing and depending upon the device. We put care into every aspect of manufacturing because we know we aren't just making a socket for an amputee: we are making a prosthetic for a person.

Personal care and quality devices are hallmarks of OPC. We are renown for our quick turn-around time, and because we are involved in every stage of prosthetic manufacturing, we are able to maintain our standard of high quality care. In one week we can manufacture comfortable and highly functional prosthetic devices. Give us a week- we can give you the prosthetic for the life you live!

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