Friday, September 30, 2011

Congratulations Libby!

We are excited to announce that our New Year, New You, New Foot (or hand) second chance competition has completed. Our participants lost an astounding total of 182 pounds since February. We are proud of their accomplishments as they have sweated and worked towards a healthier lifestyle.

Libby won our second chance competition, losing an impressive 32.5 pounds since starting her journey. She has faced health and prosthetic issues, but never let those obstacles deter her from her goal. She assembled a strong support team, including a personal trainer and nutritionist, to help keep her on track. She credits her husband for offering her both support and for keeping her motivated toward her goal.

Like many amputees, Libby's weight increased after she lost her limb. An above knee amputee, she had a difficult time adjusting and was confined to a wheelchair for much of her day. "After my amputation I gained 79 pounds from not getting any exercise. I had thought about going to a gym but never did because of people staring at my prosthetic leg. One day on the way to OPC I saw a truck with a personal training advertisement. I contacted them and decided to do it. It’s not a normal gym…it’s one on one personal training. I took seeing that advertisement as a signal to change my life."

Libby is continuing to work towards her goal of weighing below 200 lbs, and she has no plans of reverting to a sedentary lifestyle. "I have that commitment of having to be at Ultimate Results every Mon./Wed/ Friday to work out and having a scheduled consultation twice a month with the nutritionist to review my progress. I have to show my nutritionist my food journal during those meetings. Sammy (my trainer) reviews my log weekly and has been a total support for when I am down and want to stop."

Sammy joins us in congratulating Libby. "I'm really proud of Libby and what she's been able to accomplish since we started. She came in hobbling on day one and barely being able to get up off the chair without someone almost lifting her up and now she can get up on her own and walk a mile on any given day of the week. I remember telling her back then that we'd eventually be working on squats and that she'd eventually be able to get off a chair without any help and she just laughed. Now we're doing just that. I think it's sometimes hard to believe something's possible when it seems so far away but after years of doing what I do as trainer I know it is. It just takes patience, dedication, and consistency (did I mention she's never missed a workout). Keep taking those baby steps over and over and before you know it you've climbed the mountain."

We want to offer our congratulations to Libby on her accomplishment. In addition to a gift card for, we are pleased to provide her with a consultation with a health counselor at We hope that this extra support will help Libby on her journey to a healthy and active lifestyle.

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