Friday, July 15, 2011

Always Ready To Help

We recognize that many amputees worry about their prosthetic failing while they are out of the area. Whether traveling for pleasure or for work, having a non-functional, uncomfortable or painful prosthetic can ruin a trip. The practitioners at OPC are dedicated to helping their patients, regardless of the miles that separate them from our office.

OPC is pleased to offer Skype conferencing for our patients. Think of it as a cyber house call. If you are out of the area but are experiencing issues with your prosthetic, we are available to troubleshoot the problem and, in many cases, we can provide stopgap remedies until you can return to the office. If we recognize an issue that cannot be remedied through Skype and you require immediate prosthetic care, we can help arrange for you to visit a prosthetic provider for a repair. If you are not able to Skype, feel free to call our office (703) 698-5007 and one of our prosthetists can try to troubleshoot the issue over the phone.

If you have access to Facebook, you have access to the practitioners at OPC! Whether you are out of the area or sitting in your living room, if you have a concern please feel free to post your question on our wall. Somebody will respond quickly and advice you on how to Linkproceed.

Prosthetic issues tend to arise at the most inopportune time. We want our patients to live happy and active lives. Unfortunately with activity can come prosthetic breakdown. Through the miles and with the help of technology, rest easy. Help is always a click or a call away!

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