Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Our Facebook page has picked up quite a few new members during the past two weeks. We are thrilled that our page has become a place for our patients to network and to share ideas. Because many of the new members are not patients at OPC, we want to take this opportunity to introduce our practice.

We have been providing premium prosthetic and orthotic care in the DC, MD and VA areas for over 15 years. OPC is a family run business that still takes pride in our devices that are handcrafted in our own facility. The ability to manufacture in-house allows us to provide a quick turn around for our patients. In most cases we can cast, design, create and fit the prosthetics for our patient within one business week. Our efficiency, along with our reputation for providing quality devices, makes us a premiere destination prosthetic facility.

Our creative practitioners relish developing comfortable and functional prosthetics for patients who have been told that there was "nothing else that could be done." If you are unhappy with the prosthetic care that you have been receiving, or if you believe your are "settling," give us a call. We offer complimentary Skype consultations with our practitioners.

Thank you for joining our Facebook page, and we hope that you find the information that is offered valuable. If you live in the DC area, you may wish to attend our much talked about ampuTEA party. The next party is scheduled for tomorrow, June 22. Meet us at the OPC office in Fairfax at 3:00 to join the fun. Remember, the ampuTEA isn't a support group, just a group of supportive women! As always, cookies will be provided.

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