Thursday, January 27, 2011


During the past few weeks we have been making some changes. Our website has been moved to Although the website looks similar, we are confident that you will find it to be a valuable resource. The NEWS section will be updated regularly to keep you abreast of pertinent information and programs at OPC. We invite you to bookmark the new page and check back often.

OPC has entered the world of social networking. In addition to our Facebook page, we are also Tweeting (opc_news). We are now able to conduct some visits using Skype in order to save our patients the drive to the office. Ask about this option if you feel that your concerns can be addressed without a "hands on" appointment.

We have been busy securing prizes and incentives for our New Year, New You, New Foot (or Hand) challenge. The grand prize for the individual with the greatest percentage of weight loss is a new foot or hand. Elliot will discuss the component options with the winner in order to determine what foot (or hand) is the best option for them.

If winning a free foot or hand isn't enticing enough, we have secured a number of other prize incentives. We are excited to announce that Nutrisystem has joined forces with OPC to support this endeavor. The individual with the greatest weight loss after four weeks will win their meal delivery program. No cooking or grocery shopping for a month- talk about motivation!

Gift cards for local services as well as Internet merchants have been pledged. We are aiming to make losing weight and becoming healthy as fun and rewarding as possible. If you haven't already registered, the application is available on this blog. Remember, you don't have to be a patient at OPC in order to participate in the challenge. What's stopping you? Sign up today.

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